LiftGrabber is a Members only, UK based, car share project that can reduce your travel costs and help improve our environment. To start up as a member, you can click on “Register” to become a member. .




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By car sharing we can reduce the number of one-person / one-car trips which means, less pollution, less congestion and less impact on the environment.


  • alex byrne

    FROM : NE6 5YB
    TO : EH6 8RG
    DATE : THU 30 NOV, 2028
    TRIP DISTANCE : 93 Miles
    Offered : £15.00
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    Wants A Lift

    The LiftGrabber project intends to connect people who need a lift with those who have empty seats in their car, its as simple as that.

    Car Share UK to university or college

    Going To University?

  • University of London
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Newcastle College
  • Northumbria University Business School
  • Newcastle University
  • More Colleges & Universities

  • Say no to those empty seats and get get them earning. Car share to work, college, university or even car share to an event anywhere within the UK.


    Need A Lift To Work?


    Need a lift to work - then why not car share.

  • Doxford Business Park Sunderland
  • Vantec Europe Limited
  • DWP Tyneview Park Newcastle
  • The Lumen Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Cobalt Business Park North Tyneside
  • More Companies

  • LiftGrabber can be used by anyone in the UK that needs a lift, this includes tourists, commuters, students, football supporters & sports fans,  attendee’s of events or festivals.



    Car share to concert, festival or venue

    Going To A Event Or Venue?

  • Newcastle International Airport
  • The Download Festival
  • Wembley Stadium London
  • Washington Galleries Shopping Centre
  • Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
  • More Venues


    Try car sharing and we can make the UK a greener place.