About LiftGrabber


Hi….Welcome to LiftGrabber.com

To our knowledge LiftGrabber is the only family run car share site on the internet. Our intention as a very environmentally conscious family is to make the world a greener place for our children and grandchildren. The purpose of this site is to connect environmentally minded drivers with those looking for a lift. If you are a driver you can make your spare empty seats earn by listing your journey on our site. If you are a passenger you can search for suitable people to car share with, or request a trip.

Therefore, by simply completing our travel form on our home page, you can request or offer a lift to anywhere in the UK. For instance this maybe a regular lift to work, university or a one of trip to see your favorite artist perform at a national stadium.

Benefits of using The LiftGrabber Project

  1. 100% Free Service
  2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  3. Improve Air Quality
  4. Reduced Parking Problems
  5. Less Congestion
  6. Save On Travel Costs
  7. Meet New People (Networking)

The public’s aspirations have changed over the last few decades, more and more people are wanting a better future for ourselves and our children, fewer people are purchasing the gas guzzling expensive 4×4’s and moving to more eco friendly alternatives. More and more of us want to get out and experience the planet without destroying it or our bank balance.

  • Over 40% of people travel to work by car.
  • For every car that has a passenger, there are 15 cars that are driver only.

This statistic along with the financial cost of running a car is higher than ever before.¬†Therefore, it’s time to say no to empty seats.

We hope you envoy using LiftGrabber.com. If you have any questions, suggestions, donations, sponsorship or you would like to help contribute in some way please contact us at info@LiftGrabber.com