The True Costs Of Running A Car In The UK 2019


A report by Kwik-Fit (Kwik Fit is a car servicing and repair company here in the United Kingdom), showed the average motorist in the UK spends £172 per calendar month. They came to this Costs Of Running A Car In The UKnumber after calculating the costs of fuel, road TAX and other several other factors, but made it clear that this does not include MOT and the overall costs of the car, fiance and devaluation.

From this research Kwik-Fit found the the average car fiance payment was £245 (per month). When we take in to consideration that most UK car buyers are borrowing that £245 from somewhere and adding this to the running costs of £172, means the average UK motorist is paying £417 per calendar month.



Kwik-Fit’s running costs included –

  • Routine maintenance and servicing = £15.96
  • Fuel = £67.63
  • Car insurance = £31.64
  • Unexpected repairs  = £13.26
  • Road TAX = £12.16
  • Breakdown cover = £6.96
  • Parking tickets or permits = £6.89
  • Cleaning = £4.15
  • Fines = £3.69

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