What Is Car Sharing?

If there is more than one person within a private car, this is classed as car sharing. Most of us have shared a car with friends and family at least once. The LiftGrabber project intends to connect people who need a lift with those who have empty seats in their car, there are several benefits to car sharing these include –

  • Sharing the increasing cost of travel/commuting
  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Cuts pollution
  • Can reduce parking costs/problems
  • Reduce Traffic congestion
  • Networking and meeting new people.

Can I Car Share Anywhere?

At the moment LiftGrabber only allows car sharing within the UK, but we have plans to expand our car share project throughout Europe and in the future.

Who Can Use LiftGrabber?

LiftGrabber can be used by any one in the UK that needs a lift, this includes –

  • Tourists who are traveling around the UK (for example Heathrow Airport to city center London)
  • Commuters going to and from work.
  • Students traveling to and from college or university.
  • Supporters and sports fans visiting an away ground.
  • Getting groceries ( weekly shop )
  • Attendee’s of events or festivals.

What Does It Cost To Use LiftGrabber?

LiftGrabber is a 100% free service. LiftGrabber is mainly funded by sponsorship from business and donations from the public. If you have found the LiftGrabber project useful then consider donating or sponsoring, this will enable use to further develop, market and ultimately make the planet a greener place..

As A Driver, Will I Need To Inform My Insurance Company?

No, as you are not making a profit from your journey (you are only asking for a contribution towards trip costs), using LiftGrabber will not effect your insurance in anyway. If you still unsure LiftGrabber advise that you contact your Insurance company and if you are acting within your policy guidelines. The Association of British Insurers states states that “Car sharing will not affect the insurance of UK car drivers, as long as a profit will not be made.”.

How Much To Charge Passengers?

This is totally your decision as to the person offering the lift or the passenger wanting the lift. For a rough guide for a trip from Newcastle to Manchester (approximately 150 Miles) a driver may suggest a fee of (0.10p Per Mile), so for one way journey should cost in the region of £15. As a rule its a good idea to round the overall trip costs down or up, this can eliminate the need for small coins. LiftGrabber will automatically compete (suggest) the contribution field of the form, but if you feel this needs to be adjusted, do so.

How Can I Contact A Driver / Passenger?

LiftGrabber uses  an internal messaging system that members can use to message one another. If you want to contact a passenger that wants a lift or a driver that’s offering a lift, simply click the Send Message label under their offer / request.

After contacting your Driver / Passenger its recommended making contact by phone before to confirm your trip, this can be done passing your phone number via our messaging system or updating your details on your Profile Page. We also suggest you first meet somewhere that is close to public transport, as your driver may not be able to make your meeting.

Your Safety

Here at LiftGrabber we believe car sharing is the best way we can reduce our carbon footprint and ultimately make the world a greener place, we also believe car sharing is a very exciting and fun, that said, when car sharing we are sharing a vehicle with someone who we may not be that familiar with, this maybe a co-worker, colleague or someone we have never met, so common sense and the decision to enter a vehicle is entirely yours. At the time of writing LiftGrabber is not conducting any checks on any of its users.


LiftGrabber does not have many requirements to use this site, but we require its users to be 18 years or older, ideally want to save some money, love meeting new people and of course the desire to make the world a nicer/greener place.


  1. First meeting ideally you should be in a public place near public transport.
  2. First meeting you and your driver/passenger should show each other ID.
  3. Notify your friends / family who you are traveling with.
  4. Notify your friends / family where you are going + expect time of arrival

Remember : You are not obligated to share your journey with your arranged driver/passenger.

Any Other Questions?

If you have a question that is not addressed above, please don’t hesitate to contact us at