Health Effects Of Transport Related Air Pollution


Lancet Planetary Health recently released an report showing the health effects of transport related air pollution.  The report showed what damage pollution can cause to our health and the health of our children. George Washington University in the U.S used two of the planets worst offenders India and China as an example.  The report showed there was a direct link between the huge numbers of asthma cases in children and the traffic in the cities. The study found that in India over 350,000 children had asthma directly caused by pollution. India was not the worst offender, China child asthma statistics showed over 770,000 cases.

Associate Professor at the George Washington University, Susan C. Anenberg said -“Improving access to cleaner forms of transportation, like electric public transport and active commuting by cycling and walking, would not only lower NO2 levels but would also reduce asthma, enhance physical fitness and cut greenhouse gas emissions,

Health Effects Of Transport Related Air Pollution Scientists explained this is probably due to China having the one of the largest populations of children along with one of the highest concentration of NO2 (nitrogen dioxide). NO2 in the air is a good indicator of traffic density in the area. The study further suggests at least 170 new cases of  asthma per every 100,000 children are reported every year.

Although China and India had a significant problem, they were not on there own. Researchers from American George Washington University said, Brazil, Indonesia and even the USA had concerning high numbers, in fact the USA showed to have over 250,000 children that had asthma due to pollution. The health effects of transport related air pollution cases are growing every year. The impact on our health is not just asthma in children, but there are many health related issues such as loss of capacity, decreased function and accelerated aging of lungs and diseases such as emphysema, bronchitis and cancer.

Our findings suggest millions of new cases of paediatric asthma could be prevented in cities around the world by reducing air pollution.” Anenberg said


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