How Can Car Sharing Improve Your Health

car share and drive lessIf you decide to ditch the car altogether and choose car sharing it can/will improve your health dramatically. Members of LiftGrabber tend to drive considerably less due to the fact  they share driving to and from work. Studies show drivers that drive more than an hour a day were on average 5Lb heavier than those who drive 20 mins per day.

People who don’t have a car still need transport, so the next choice is either car share or public transport. When we choose public transport, we probably will need to walk for a bus or train. By walking daily we can reduce or eradicate type 2 diabetes, reduce body fat, decrease blood pressure and reduce depression.

Active transport such as cycling to work can improve health, in fact cyclist who commute to work are

  • 53% less likely to die from heart disease
  • 42% less likely to die from cancer
  • 47% less likely to develop heart disease
  • 46% less likely to develop cancer.

Other benefits of car sharing include

  • Fewer emissions =  Improved Air Quality
  • Improved Air Quality = Less Lung/Stroke Deaths/Asthmatics

The WHO (World Health Organisation) research points to  air pollution for 30% of all lung cancer deaths and 25% of stroke all deaths. There is also research that shows air pollution drasticly reduces peoples happiness.

If you are wanting to improve your physical and mental health, the well-being of your community and the health of the planet, seriously consider joining LiftGrabber car share. Unlike a many fad diet or a exercise regime, switching to a car free lifestyle can make a lasting change to your activity levels.

Maybe its time to consider car sharing. By using our Car Share form on our home page, by completing this short online form you can turn that spare seat(s) in your car in to cash, this extra cash will help with the running costs of your car, or if your looking for a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to travel, request a trip, share it on social media and you will now have saved money, reduced your carbon footprint and possibly made a new friend or two along the way..  Happy car sharing….


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