Next-Gen H2 Car Could Be A Game Changer



The engineers at RiverSimple have been attempting to develop a H2 Car for decades. Hugo Spowers the founder of RiverSimple has been working on a of a quality, real work and affordable Hydrogen car has had its fair share of problems. Problems such as shrinking fuel cells small enough so they could fit inside something as small as a car was the first task. The next problem was that they needed to make the fuel widely available, after-all there is no point in having an amazing car, if the fuel is not available. Obviously they needed to make the vehicle affordable to the masses, not just some insanely priced one off project.H2 Car Game Changer

Hugo Spowers had the idea of the H2 engines over 15 years ago, so he stopped working on petrol /diesel engines. Spowers developed a car the had 0% emissions and had a road weight less than 590Kg, that is approximately the weight of a Tesla Model S battery.

The car has a range of over 300 miles from a full tank of hydrogen. The car can hold 1.5kg of hydrogen. It can drive about 300 miles on a tank of just 1.5kg of hydrogen. The CO2 footprint of the car is far superior to any of its electric counter parts.

The final step on the journey to make the worlds first H2 consumer oriented car would be to have more accessible charging stations. This would make the car much more attractive to the consumer.

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