UK Air Quality Will Improve With Air Pollution Bill

Government officials from Westminster have finally made put in place a air pollution bill to save over 35,000 people per year. The bill will also save the economy over £20 billion a year, due to theUK Air Pollution Bill impact to the health service and business. Some Ministers have said if nothing is done and we don’t put this bill in place. Officials also said we could be looking at over 2.5 million cases within the next 16 or so years. This new bill will require the UK to tighten the already in place recommendations by the WHO (World Health Organisation).

UK Air Quality & Clean Air Campaign

When this new bill gets passed, it will mean there will be pollution monitors installed near every school and hospital in the UK. The bill will also require local government to publish an annual report to document their progress. An interdependent body will also be in place to advise on how the to meet their targets.



The newspaper The Times launched a Clean Air Campaign calling for the new clean air act. The clean air act stated that clean air is a legal right to everyone in the UK. The campaign will also call for all pouting cars such as diesel and petrol cars to have an outright ban by 2030. The UK will be joining many other countries that are banning diesel and petrol cars. Countries such as Sweden, Netherlands and Ireland. For full list

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